Commit 0a9658be authored by Christoph Haas's avatar Christoph Haas

DB user creation works. DB creation does not

parent 4a7afbc3
- name: Installing required Python mysqldb module for Ansible to manage databases
apt: name=python-pymysql
- name: Ensure mysql root password is updated for all root accounts
- name: Set root user password
become: true
# If .my.cnf already exists, this will cause an mysql-root-password update.
name: root
host: localhost
password: "{{ ispmail_mysql_root_password}}"
login_unix_socket: /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock
password: "{{ ispmail_mysql_root_password }}"
priv: '*.*:ALL,GRANT'
check_implicit_admin: true
#become: yes
#notify: Restart MySQL
- name: Creating my-cnf for root user
template: src=root-my-cnf.j2 dest=/root/.my.cnf mode=0600
- name: Create .my.cnf
src: "root-my-cnf.j2"
dest: "/root/.my.cnf"
owner: root
group: root
mode: 0600
- name: creating mailserver MySQL database
mysql_db: name=mailserver login_password="{{ ispmail_mysql_root_password }}"
#become: true
name: mailserver
- name: creating Roundcube MySQL database
mysql_db: name=roundcube
- name: copying MySQL database schema to server
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