Commit c27a0388 authored by Christoph Haas's avatar Christoph Haas

Re-added fields for self-signed cert

parent 80a009db
......@@ -18,7 +18,21 @@ ispmail_dovecot_auth_mechanisms: plain login
# The email address used for administrative purposes
# The hostname used in the URL of your webmail service
# The hostname used in the URL of your webmail service.
# is just used here to help test this playbook
# in a Vagrant setup. Please use a valid domain name here
# that points to your server.
# TODO: Let's Encrypt email address
\ No newline at end of file
# Information for self-signed certificate
ispmail_certificate_country: DE
ispmail_certificate_state: Schleswig-Holstein
ispmail_certificate_location: Ruempel
ispmail_certificate_orgunit: IT-Crowd
ispmail_certificate_days_valid: 3650
# TODO: Let's Encrypt email address
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